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NEUTEX’s research and development division is a world class, international operation based in the United States with operations in China as well. The R&D department is one of the most critical components in not only the realization of emerging, advanced technologies, but also in updating the application of existing technologies.

While it is primarily tied to our Lighting Division, NEUTEX R&D is also poised to become involved with the emerging forms of energy efficient building technologies currently available as well.

In addition to staying at the forefront of the development of and reliability and efficiency testing of emerging technologies, NEUTEX R&D is also engaged in:

  • Continuing the design and invention of new and innovative applications for our proven, existing technologies.
  • Maintaining consistent design modification and innovation on the reflectors and lenses used in our lighting products.
  • Aligning with industry leaders in the conceptualization, development and testing of brand new, unknown possibilities.

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