NEUPath Foundation™

NEUTEX created the NEUPath Foundation in 2011 as a means to allow our employees to support a charitable organization of their choice. Employees are asked to pick an organization of their choice to support for the following year.

We’ve also become passionate about educating young adults about energy conservation through the school curriculum created for 5th and 9th graders. The week‐long school curriculum is focused on energy conservation within the walls of the school.

Taking it a step further NEUTEX has created a school fundraiser for residential LED lighting that allows students to sell LED Lighting to their parents and friends with proceeds of sales being rewarded to the school.

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Passionate about making a difference here on the home front, Neutex is dedicated to bringing jobs back home to the U.S. and making sure that the products it distributes are the best quality, without sacrificing affordability or dependability.

Sometimes, all it takes is some outside of the box thinking to keep an economy thriving, and an industry moving forward. Neutex is committed to creating and sustaining U.S. roots here in Texas. It’s not just about cost or business-logic. It’s about making a real difference by offering the best most innovative products as well as by bringing jobs home.

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Careers: Join Our Team!

Great innovation comes from an environment rich with talented individuals. We are always looking to add to our team. We offer both salaried and per-hour employment positions in various area of our company.

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