School LED Lighting in Houston, TX

Recent studies have shown that students thrive under the bright LED lights as compared with the dimmer, antiquated fluorescents of the past. Sharper, more alert students result in a better learning environment, which makes everyone happier.

Not only that, but switching to LED lighting for your school can make a significant positive impact in the budget! By switching your existing lot from the antiquated lighting systems currently being used to NEUTEX School LED’s, you can save up to 65% on your typical annual lighting energy costs!

Sharper minds aren’t the only things that you can gain from switching to LED’s at your school. You can improve health and well-being, safety, and funding. Read on to find out how NEUTEX LED’s can help your educational facility.

Is LED Lighting Right for You?

School Lighting Options

SAFETY:  Thought often taken for granted, proper lighting is a key element in the safety of students and staff. A well-lit campus is a safer campus.

HEALTH: Scientific studies have proven that using LED lights instead of antiquated fluorescent and incandescent lights reduces fatigue and contributes to a sense of well-being. One recent study showed that by switching to LED’s there was a noticeable increase in students’ attention span and concentration. They read faster, made fewer mistakes during testing and their behavior all improved significantly.

SAVINGS:  By far the most important factor in selecting an investment in NEUTEX LED lighting is the return on that investment. NEUTEX LED’s can save you up to 65% on your typical lighting energy costs. Plus, with the longer life of LED’s, your maintenance team will spend less time changing light bulbs and repairing fixtures.

NEUTEX University

The world of LED Lighting is expansive and there’s a lot to learn. We’ve developed NEUTEX University to help you learn all you can about the lighting world.

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