Industrial LED Lighting in Houston, TX

By installing NEUTEX Lighting’s LED Industrial fixtures in place of your existing HID and fluorescent fixtures you can ensure that your utility and maintenance costs go down and your productivity, safety and efficiency go up! Plus, with a standard lifetime of (35,000 – 50,000 hours) your maintenance team will spend less time changing light bulbs and repairing fixtures.

Industrial LED lights come in a variety of forms, including: high, mid or low bays, canopy or wall packs, and road/street or flood LED lights. The best one to choose is dependent on your specific needs and the type of area you are interested in lighting. A professional of NEUTEX Lighting can discuss your needs with you in order to determine the ideal solution. Most of our industrial lighting options come with warranties up to five years, in the event that something goes wrong with them before they have reached their full lifespan.

Go ahead and “Think Outside The Bulb™” and contact NEUTEX Lighting today to discuss your needs and how we can fill them.

Is LED Lighting Right for You?

Industrial Lighting Focus

SAFETY: Proper lighting is a key element in the security and safety of both visitors and staff. NEUTEX LED lighting products offer every possible fixture necessary for providing the most efficient and brightest safety and security lighting available.

HEALTH: Scientific studies have already proven that using LED lights instead of antiquated fluorescent or incandescent lights reduces fatigue and contributes to an increased sense of well-being. With the large and growing body of scientific literature showing the health benefits of LEDs, there is now a push to use LED lighting as a therapeutic agent!

POWER: One of the best thing about the “NEU” LED technologies being used by NEUTEX is that we can now supply a version of the same poor performing LED high-bay fixture from 2009, at the same wattage, but with almost double the light output! At close to 90-plus lumens per watt you are truly getting more lighting output for less wattage.

NEUTEX University

The world of LED Lighting is expansive and there’s a lot to learn. We’ve developed NEUTEX University to help you learn all you can about the lighting world.

Learn more about LED Lighting and NEUTEX at NEUTEX University