No, when a light emitting diode is made it is produced in massive batches and they are separated by brightness into bins labeled A-Z, this separates the quality of the diode. You can purchase light emitting diodes in high quality or low quality.

You should always request an LM-79 test from your LED representative. This will describe more in depth the Industry performance qualities of LEDs and allow for a true comparison regardless of the product.

Yes, many of our clients finance their lighting solution. The monthly finance amount is less than what their previous electric bill was plus their monthly finance investment. We will also research what available energy tax credits are available to your type of business.
We are a global company with 6 years in the light emitting diode business and back all of our products with a full five year warranty.
The amount of light that is emitted from lights is measured in foot candles. There are standards for how bright your area should be. We can measure your current foot candles and compare that to what we recommend.
Light Emitting Diodes are cleaner, safer, longer lasting and reduce energy cost by up to 85% compared to alternative lighting sources. If you could reduce your monthly electric utility payment by 85% and forget about lighting maintenance, would you?
Architects, engineers, general contractors, design / build firms, developers, management, and most importantly, the end user.
We will conduct a site survey to calculate your current energy consumption and compare that to what your lighting solution consumption will be.
Unlike other light sources, LEDs will never burn out. Instead, they get dimmer and dimmer until theyre no longer useful, which is usually when they emit about 70% of their original light output. The easiest solution might be to simply spot check the lights each year along with your routine cleaning and maintenance.
Keep the light clean and clear of dust and debris, keep them as cool as possible, and, when using LED accent fixtures, periodically inspect them to ensure they are aligned and in place.